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See what employees have to say about working for GSG Talent Solutions.

Employee Success Stories

“Amazing! Rikki has been incredible at responding in a timely manner and is so kind. I feel that the employees there are so approachable and proactive to all of their employees.”

Brittney T – Program Specialist

“GSG did amazing at contacting me about the recent job opportunity given to me. For the representative that contacted me, she deserves a ton of credit. She was upfront, honest, and did not give me a humiliating offer. They saw past my disabilities and yet accommodated me with my needs. They took the time to notice my achievements and experience and found a good position for me.”

Jonathan M – Computer Repair Technician

“I really enjoyed the hospitality and knowledgeable atmosphere of the training environment. Each representative was above and beyond kind, intuitive, informative, patient with working with everyone, motivating, considerate, professional and creative. Thank you so much again!”

Gregory D – GSG Team Member

“It was an amazing experience. Ms. Lakecia and her team was so on point with getting us acclimated into the job with proper and thorough training. I really appreciated the pre-training as well. Kudos to Ms. Lakecia and her team‼️”

Johnathan H – Computer Repair Technician

“I feel that I was able to obtain a job very quickly and I was able to work with people that I really enjoy. I feel that I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for work to speak with a recruiter at GSG Talent Solutions. I honestly feel like since the pandemic, I have more job security and I feel more at peace because of GSG Talent Solutions. I hope that everyone gets to work with you guys like I did.”

Caitlin S – Administrative Coordinator

“I believe that GSG is an amazing group of talented workers. They went above and beyond expectations and very helpful when needing answers. I would love to continue finding employment through GSG as well as referring others that are in need of help finding employment.”

Darcell E – Program Specialist

“Very comfortable, the trainers were very nice and helpful.”

Mboudel – GSG Team Member

“It was a wonderful experience to work with the company. Great employee guidance.”

Dominic P – Material Handler

“My experience with GSG Talent has been great so far. Can’t wait to work more with them!”

Jesse M – GSG Team Member

“It’s been great! My recruiter was amazing, and I felt like I was being given a personalized service.”

Robert – GSG Team Member


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