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Employee Success Stories

GSG interviewed me and landed me a job instantaneously in my career field. The experience I felt with GSG is very professional. GSG workshops included resume writing, and working with counselors on my career growth.

Thomas – GSG Candidate

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for employment at GSG. My time with GSG was great-lived. Thank you for all your help, support, and services. The future looks great.

Rudy – GSG Temp-to-Permanent Candidate

The GSG staff was extremely helpful in finding the right temporary positions that led to me getting a full-time job.

Phillip – GSG Candidate

This place is amazing if you’re trying to get a job. My recruiter was incredible. She landed me 3 different job offers almost overnight. She’s really something else, I just can’t say enough good things about her and her resourcefulness. I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking employment with a great job.

Justin – GSG Candidate

I’ve been using GSG Talent Solutions exclusively since 2017. Credit for my loyalty to GSG can be placed almost entirely with Nina Reyes. She is professional, yet she cares about her employee’s success. I have yet to call GSG (Nina) in need of employment and not gotten some type of results within a week—in some cases, even the same day! As far as GSG as an organization, in today’s world it’s a nice change to be able to say that despite dozens of trips down there, I haven’t had a single rude interaction with any GSG employee. I have already recommended GSG Talent Solutions many times already and will continue to recommend them to anybody willing to work. Especially anyone who might have a barrier to employment. Thank you GSG and Latronda H, as well as a sincere thank you to Nina Reyes most importantly.

Derek – GSG Candidate

It still overwhelms me how GSG Talent Solutions changed my life and provided me with the opportunities that your organization does for so many others in the Central Texas area. I am forever grateful and will continue to share loudly about all that GSG does.

Karen – GSG Candidate

I recommend that anyone who is considering a career change or in need of a job to contact GSG Talent Solutions. The opportunities are limitless. I was skeptical when told to consider signing up but after applying, my thoughts were quickly changed. I have been to a few assignments for employment and both are great opportunities. GSG Talent Solutions is a great place to go if you need work, whether it’s short term or long term.

Quincy – GSG Candidate


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