Employee Testimonials

See what employees have to say about working for GSG Talent Solutions.

Employee Success Stories

“I’ve had a great experience working for this employer and would recommend the services to anyone!”

Myla – GSG Team Member

“Always great and supportive. Sergio in Placement and Stanley in Payroll are there to answer questions and give guidance when I need it. I would be on food stamps without them.”

Catherine – GSG Team Member

“I felt supported and like I was given an amazing work experience with excellent pay. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience.”

Geran – GSG Team Member

“I’m very thankful for your help in getting me a job I enjoy, and I have the opportunity to become a full-time employee. Thank you.”

Thomas P – GSG Team Member

“I had a great experience working with GSG. GSG was very helpful in finding a position that works well with me.”

Marisela – GSG Team Member

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to work for the [employer partner]. It has been such an amazing experience. I really enjoy the environment they provide, my fellow peers are very welcoming, and management is always willing to help with a smile on their face.”

Guadalupe – GSG Team Member

“GSG interviewed me and landed me a job instantaneously in my career field. The experience I felt with GSG is very professional. GSG workshops included resume writing, and working with counselors on my career growth.”

Thomas – GSG Team Member

“I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for employment at GSG. My time with GSG was great-lived. Thank you for all your help, support, and services. The future looks great.”

Rudy – GSG Temp-to-Permanent Team Member

“The GSG staff was extremely helpful in finding the right temporary positions that led to me getting a full-time job.”

Phillip – GSG Temp-to-Permanent Team Member

“This place is amazing if you’re trying to get a job. My recruiter was incredible. She landed me 3 different job offers almost overnight. She’s really something else, I just can’t say enough good things about her and her resourcefulness. I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking employment with a great job.”

Justin – GSG Team Member


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