Preparing Your Business for a Post-COVID World

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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered many facets of the business world. Going forward, social distancing will be a standard, at least for the short-term. Along with impacting customer flow, this will affect employee expectations. Many professionals who’ve been required to work from home may wish to continue to do so, especially since they now know the approach is viable.

Another aspect of business that will continue to adapt even after the pandemic is the hiring process. Over the next few months, at a minimum, remote hiring may remain a best practice. It ensures everyone’s health while remaining effective, making it an ideal alternative to in-person meetings.

However, effective remote interviewing means having the right tools and using the proper techniques. If you want to make sure your business is ready for post-COVID interviewing, here are some tips that can help.

Embrace the Right Technologies

Several robust solutions are ideal for remote interviewing. Both Skype and Zoom can be incredibly effective and are highly accessible to both companies and candidates. Plus, video conferencing solutions typically come with great feature sets, including screen sharing, document sharing, and messaging capabilities.

Consider which features could elevate your interview experience. Then, find a software solution that offers what you need. Generally, there will be at least a few reputable options available, allowing you to explore which approach is genuinely ideal.

Use an Adjusted Standard Approach

When you are interviewing remotely, much of the process is the same. You’ll ask candidates questions and give them an opportunity to respond.

However, there are a few nuances that you’ll need to navigate. For example, if you want to mimic eye contact, you have to steer your gaze to your camera, not your computer screen. You may also need to be more vigilant of gestures, as large hand movements can be incredibly distracting when viewed over video.

It’s also important to adjust your lighting and potentially your speaking cadence. Before you start the interview, take some time to see how you appear on camera. If you see odd shadows, color casts, or similar issues, you may need to make some changes to your space. At times, this could involve adding or relocating light sources, like lamps, or altering your background.

You also want to make sure you can be clearly heard and understood. Take a moment to connect to a colleague remotely and go through your interview questions using the same microphone you intend to use. Get their feedback regarding how you sound, including whether you need to adjust your volume or speech rate. At times, you may have to intentionally annunciate more than usual, slow your cadence, or speak louder than you typically would to ensure the candidate can understand you.

Focus on Candidate Communication

The candidate experience is just as important now as it ever was. If you want to make a positive impression, then communication is key. Make sure your applicants are well-informed about the process, including anticipated timelines. Touch base regularly throughout the process to keep job seekers engaged. And, once a decision is made, inform everyone about the outcome.


Ultimately, by following the tips above, you can prepare your business for post-COVID interviewing. If you’d like to learn more about hiring best practices, the staff at GSG Talent Solutions can help. Contact us with your questions today and see how our remote interviewing expertise can benefit you.


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