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The GSG Talent Solutions Team

Funmi Popoola


Keith Sommer

Senior Director of Business Solutions

Mike Estrada

Recruiting Supervisor

Gabriel Villanueva-Torres

Business Solutions Placements Supervisor

Steven Cox Malyszka

Salesforce Administrative and Operations Supervisor

Ryan Bullock

State Contract Coordinator

Sergio Pellicano

State Recruiter

Austin Ford


Nina Reyes

Recruiter/Interim Payroll Specialist

Lamesia Daniels


Alissa Insalata

Business Development Manager – North Branch

Faith Gardner

Business Development Manager

Jenna Bollweg

Digital Media & Marketing Specialist

Priscilla Luu

REDF Farber Fellow

Alyssa Gonzales

Recruiting Coordinator

Katey Ward

Employee Assistance Specialist

Barbie Gracia

Employee Assistance Specialist

Susie Goss

Business Solutions Placement Specialist

Abigail Hilliard

Business Solutions Placement Specialist

Maria Ulerio

Business Solutions Placement Specialist



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