Dedicated to connecting qualified people with chronic medical conditions to lasting employment opportunities.

GSG WorksWonders Program

What is the WorkWonders program?

GSG Talent Solutions operates under the state use contract called the “WorksWonders Program”. WorksWonders was implemented in 1978 by the Texas Legislature to enhance the lives of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions by offering opportunities for employment. This program is administered by Workquest, a private, nonprofit corporation that links Texans with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities, improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals across the state.

The program provides products or services through Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs), and GSG Talent Solutions is one of two CRPs operating in the Austin area. Under the contract, it stipulates that 75% of our labor hours come from individuals with any kind of health condition that affects health and quality of life. This means we can have some individuals without a qualifying health condition, but we must make sure we do not fall outside the 75% contract requirement.

Under the terms of the contract, there is a large range of health conditions that can affect a person’s overall health and quality of life. To ensure that we maintain good data integrity, during the interview process we explain the contract and what health conditions qualify under the contract. Due to the broad range of qualifying health conditions, we find many people fall under the terms of the contract without even realizing it. That is why we take the time to explain the contract and give examples of some of the many qualifying health conditions that fall under the terms of the contract.

Many people facing disabilities are reluctant to discuss their condition(s) when searching for employment for fear that potential employers will associate disabilities with limitations.

At GSG Talent Solutions, we understand that disabilities have little to no relation to an individual’s skills and capabilities, and that all disabilities–physical, mental, or emotional, are valid. Our mission is to transform generations by empowering people through education, career training, and work. We’re dedicated to connecting qualified individuals to lasting employment–especially those facing barriers.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job and are afraid of being discriminated against or turned down for a position because of your disability, you can be assured that our policies and procedures are designed to protect and work alongside you throughout your job search with us. After all, nobody knows your disability better than you.

During our application process, we will ask you whether you have a disability, chronic medical condition, or any other physical limitations. Your answer is always kept confidential and is never shared with potential employers, nor does it affect your eligibility for a position. 

When you apply for a job with GSG, you can feel assured that you have someone on your side that recognizes the assets and worth you add to the workplace.

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