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Employee FAQs

Payroll Questions

Depending on your bank, funds usually show up in your account (via direct deposit or on the pay card) on the Thursday or Friday of the pay period. 

You can reach out to the GSG Payroll Specialist at payroll@gsgtalentsolutions.com or 512.637.7533.

General Questions

If you must miss work or will be late for any reason, please immediately notify your GSG Recruiter and your on-site supervisor as soon as possible to ensure that your absence will not be marked as a no-call no-show. Failure to notify both parties, excessive absenteeism, and/or tardiness can result in disciplinary action- including limited future placement opportunities or even release from the assignment.


First need to reach out to recruiter for the original request, then the recruiter will reach out to the appropriate person to facilitate.

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