Unemployment Ending? Here Are Some Quick Tips to Help Your Job Search

COVID-19 led to widespread unemployment. While many of those who lost their positions still have access to some benefits. Most people are aware that payments are only available for a limited time.

Additionally, the initial round of supplemental benefits made available through the federal government ended as July drew to a close. As a result, many reasonably secure households found themselves suddenly struggling, which is leading many to pursue new job opportunities diligently.

Whether your unemployment is ending now or soon or you aren’t receiving enough to survive, finding a new position as soon as possible is often a smart move. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some quick tips to help your job search head in the right direction.

Have a General Target in Mind

For your job search to be effective, it needs to be focused. Otherwise, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of listings you come across. You could also become distracted by roles that aren’t a good fit.

Ideally, you want to have a reasonably clear picture of the kind of position you want to land. This can include specific job titles, desired skillsets, company culture, or any other criteria that align with your preferred role.

By knowing what you want, you can concentrate your efforts in those areas. Your search results will be more meaningful and relevant. This allows you to find strong matches with greater ease.

Tailor Every Resume You Send

Sending out a generic resume is rarely a good idea. If you do, your odds of standing out among the other candidates are significantly reduced, which may cause your job search to take more time than it otherwise would.

Tailoring your resume allows you to adjust the content based on each hiring manager’s needs and preferences. You can clearly showcase yourself as an obvious fit. This is accomplished by highlighting relevant accomplishments and skills that align with that specific job.

Plus, by adjusting your resume to include the keywords listed in each individual job ad. You increase your chances of making it through the initial screening phase. Many companies rely on applicant tracking systems (ATSs). These systems are programmed to seek out pre-identified keywords. Unless there’s an exact keyword match, the ATS doesn’t view you as a viable candidate, causing you to be screened out before the hiring manager ever sees your resume.

Network Early and Network Often

Your professional network is still a powerful asset, even if many of its members were laid off due to COVID-19. Many candidates learn about new opportunities from their networks, and that can include from people who are conducting their own job searches.

Make sure your network knows that you are in the market for a new role. Additionally, do what you can to support other job seekers like yourself. By being helpful, the odds that you’ll receive help increase significantly. As a result, you may find out about a position you’d otherwise miss.

Work with a Recruiter

A recruitment agency can be a boon for any job seeker. By working with a recruiter, you gain access to a job search ally who will help you find a suitable position as quickly as possible.

Plus, recruitment firms are well-connected in their communities. Frequently, they are the sole hiring resource for area companies or have the hiring manager’s ear at leading employers.

Looking for your next step?

If you’d like to learn more about how you get your job search moving before your unemployment ends, the team at GSG Talent Solutions can assist you on your journey. Contact us today.


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