5 Reasons You Should Start Looking for a New Job Now!

During the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 38 million people had to file for unemployment. Many of those professionals were highly skilled, only being let go because of the pandemic’s direct economic impact on their employer.

For many, it may seem like waiting to find a new job until things go “back to normal” is a smart move. After all, stay-at-home orders are dissolving slowly, so it will hopefully only be a matter of time before the country reaches its new normal.

However, delaying isn’t a great idea. In fact, by waiting, you could miss out on some of the best opportunities. If you are wondering why now is the right time to start looking for a new job, here are five factors to consider.

1) Unemployment Doesn’t Last Forever

Even if you qualify for unemployment, it is important to understand that those benefits don’t continue indefinitely. Traditionally, in some states, you are covered for 26 weeks. However, in others, you might only be eligible for payments for 12 weeks.

While it’s true that the CARES Act provides an extension of up to 13 weeks for qualifying individuals, that time can pass surprisingly quickly. If you don’t start looking for new opportunities soon, you may find yourself out of time when the country fully reopens.

2) Get Ahead of the Competition

With more than 38 million unemployed due to the pandemic alone, competition for jobs is going to be fierce. Many of the affected workers are highly skilled and capable, qualifying them as top talent. However, not all of them are looking for a new job, at least not right away.

Some people may currently believe their layoff or furlough is temporary. However, that situation could change, causing them to hit the market once they learn that they won’t be returning to their last employer. By starting your job search now, you aren’t facing off against those professionals, and that could work in your favor.

3) Land a Great Position

Positions with top employers always go fast, something that isn’t going to change due to the pandemic. If you want to land a coveted role, you need to apply quickly when an opening arises. That way, you increase your odds of being considered and, ultimately, hired. Good jobs don’t stay open long, so any delay could mean missing out.

4) Opportunities May Be Scarce

The economy is likely going to ramp back up slowly. As a result, overall hiring may slow. This means fewer jobs will be available, potentially for some time. If you want to increase your odds of landing a great opportunity, you can’t afford to wait. By starting now, you’ll be able to apply to more openings, making it more likely that you’ll land one.

5) It Takes Time to Secure a New Job

Even when a company is motivated to hire, the hiring process itself usually takes some time. It isn’t uncommon for it to take several weeks for a hiring manager to review applications, handle interviews, and make a decision, even under the best of circumstances.

By being proactive and launching a job search, you are potentially starting that clock now, instead of days, weeks, or months down the road. Waiting until the last minute could mean missing out on your ideal role, which is why you should start your search now instead of later.


If you are ready to find a new job, let our skilled team here at GSG Talent Solutions help you on your journey. View our open jobs or contact us today to learn more about our positions and how our services can make finding an excellent opportunity easier.


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