Why Businesses Should Help the Class of 2020 Find Work

The Class of 2020 found themselves graduating during one of the most challenging times imaginable. Widespread unemployment quickly became the norm, with many industries functionally gutted by stay-at-home orders and customer reduction mandates. As a result, new graduates struggled to find viable work opportunities. Thus, leaving many anxious about the future.

While it may seem that there’s little businesses can do to support the Class of 2020, that isn’t the case. Additionally, there is a slew of reasons why supporting new grads is a smart move. If you are wondering why you should hire recent graduates and how to go about ithere’s what you need to know.

Why Hiring the Class of 2020 Is a Smart Move

New college graduates can always be an asset. Often, they are familiar with cutting-edge technologies and the latest techniques. This gives them skillsets that may not be easily found in existing members of the workforce.

Additionally, most recent graduates are highly engaged and passionate about their fields. They are excited to launch their careers, which gives them a positive attitude that they bring into their new workplaces.

Plus, the Class of 2020 is highly moldable. While they have skills, they often don’t have bad habits developed at other employers. As a result, you can cultivate them into the ideal employee, even guiding their development based on your company’s needs and preferences.

Furthermore, by giving new graduates access to opportunities, you aren’t just helping your company and the new hires succeed; you’re supporting your community. Whether you’re based in a college town or not, recent graduates are likely in your area.

You’ll be making a clear positive impact, all while preparing for a post-COVID-19 world. You will also be ensuring new grads can put their skills to work, giving them a strong start in their careers.

How to Help the Class of 2020 Succeed

If you want to ensure your company can help the Class of 2020 succeed, start by identifying positions that could be ideal for them. This could include anything from creating new internships, adding a few part-time roles, or advertising entry-level permanent jobs in places new grads look for jobs.

You could also target new grads when you fill any temporary roles. With a short-term position, recent graduates can gain experience, hone their skills, and grow their professional networks, all while bringing in a respectable income.

How to Hire 2020 Graduates

If you want to add some members of the Class of 2020 to your team, make sure you list your positions in places new grads use when seeking out opportunities. Create social media posts highlighting the opportunity. Additionally, reach out to college and university career services offices and see if they offer a way to connect with new grads.

We Can Help!

Finally, working with a recruitment agency can be a great way to find amazing candidates, including recent graduates. If you’d like to learn more about how you can connect with these newly-minted professionals, the team at GSG Talent Solutions help. Contact us today and see how our recruitment expertise can benefit you.


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