The Search for the “Perfect” New Hire. Is Now the Time to Look?

Most hiring managers have one goal: finding the “perfect” new hire for a vacant position. Many companies believe that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is an excellent time to hunt down that ideal candidate. After all, widespread unemployment put millions of job seekers unexpectedly on the market, including many who possess in-demand skills that are often challenging to find.

But companies need to think carefully before deciding to hold out for the “perfect” candidate. If you are wondering why, here’s a look at the current climate and what it means for organizations in every industry.

The Current Climate

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the business world to the core. Many sectors experienced significant losses overnight as stay-at-home orders went into effect with little warning. Many had to downsize their staff, and some ultimately closed their doors permanently.

As a result, millions of professionals were laid off over the course of just a few weeks. While nearly all qualified for some degree of unemployment benefits, providing them with financial support while they tried to regain their footing, many professionals chose not to delay their job searches. Instead, they hit the market at a fever pitch, striving to land a new opportunity well before their benefits ran out.

Others took a small breather, only to launch job searches after a few weeks. When the extra $600 from the federal government disappeared, even more candidates emerged. In many ways, this created the perfect climate for companies, particularly those seeking out in-demand skill sets.

Looking for Perfection

For some companies, the climate meant a significant increase in the number of candidates that began applying to open positions. At times, this made it appear as if waiting for the “perfect” job seeker was an option. After all, top-tier talents were suddenly available, making it seem like waiting for one to reach out was only a matter of time.

While exercising due diligence during the screening process is a must, and ensuring must-have skills are part of the package is essential, waiting for a job seeker that checks every box isn’t always the smartest move. In many cases, that version of “perfect” doesn’t exist.

However, if you are willing to redefine “perfect,” now could be the ideal time to hire. For example, if you narrow down your must-haves to skills that are genuinely needed on day one, and then identify top contenders based on their enthusiasm for the field and willingness to learn, you could find a candidate with a ton of potential. Then, if they are brought on board, they can be molded to meet your needs, essentially creating a “perfect” scenario.

The Right Mindset

Ultimately, the current climate does give companies some breathing room, but only if they hire wisely. When a candidate is passionate, agile, and open, that can be more beneficial than a job seeker with every hard skill who is set in their ways. By approaching the screening process with the right mindset, you can find a new hire that will exceed your expectations.

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