Are Temporary Jobs Worth It?

Many professionals wonder if temporary jobs are worth doing. Some assume that they can be more of a career hindrance than a career booster. However, that isn’t always the case.

While temporary positions can have drawbacks, they provide numerous benefits as well. If you are wondering whether a short-term job is right for you, here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Temporary Work

Accepting a temporary position can provide professionals with a range of benefits. This is especially true while COVID-19 remains a concern. Since many companies need an agile, scalable workforce that can be adjusted as the situation demands, businesses may reduce the number of permanent hires they make during this period. Instead, they are turning to temp employees to fill gaps and address fluctuating conditions, increasing the number of opportunities here.

Temporary jobs are also an excellent way to get a foot in the door with an employer of choice. They can serve as an opportunity to make a positive impression, one that may make securing a permanent role later easier.

Speaking of permanent jobs, not all temporary positions come to an end. Some are temp-to-hire arrangements, where the company uses the temp job as a form of working interview. Both the company and candidate can assess the fit before making a long-term commitment, something that can work in everyone’s favor.

Temporary roles are chances to learn new skills and secure a source of income. Professionals can boost their capabilities and keep their bills paid. Plus, they can be exceptional networking opportunities, as well as paths to avoid gaps in a resume, both of which have the potential to be career-boosting.

Finally, some professionals enjoy a career based on temp jobs. They get to explore a range of workplace and have new experiences. Some even use these short-term positions as a way to focus on duties that interest them most, only accepting project roles that involve more of what they like to do.

The Drawbacks of Temporary Work

While temp positions can provide professionals with a range of benefits, that doesn’t mean they are free of drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the role is, by nature, finite. While this can also be a benefit, if you happen to really enjoy the job, it can be disheartening that it will inevitably come to a close. However, as mentioned above, some temporary jobs do have a chance to go permanent, so this isn’t universally true.

Additionally, qualifying for benefits like medical insurance and holiday pay can be challenging. Not all staffing firms provide temporary workers with the same options, and it can take time to accrue enough work time to qualify.

At times, temporary workers may not feel like part of a company’s larger team. Usually, this has to do with that employer’s culture, as some are more welcoming than others.

Are Temporary Jobs Worth It?

Ultimately, temporary jobs are brimming with potential. They can be a reliable source of income, eliminate resume gaps, serve as skill-building opportunities, and much more. In many ways, they can be career boosters, especially when used wisely. Plus, they can lead to a permanent position.

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