Employers – It’s Time to Get Creative with Your Hiring Process

a young Caucasian woman in an office wearing a face mask looks into her laptop on a video conference with a young Asian coworker also wearing a mask.

COVID-19 has sparked the need for change. Some traditional hiring practices haven’t been practical during the pandemic. Additionally, many companies had to adopt new approaches for managing their workforce, especially if they had little choice but to consider layoffs.

Over time, a variety of lessons have been learned. The creative decisions of others can pave a path for recruitment success, even if the pandemic continues to be an issue. If you are looking for unconventional and effective hiring solutions that work during these unique times, here are some worth trying.

Go Fully Digital

Thanks to technology, you can make nearly every recruitment and hiring task fully digital. Online application submission, video interviews, and remote onboarding are all options. With web conferencing and remote learning software, you can even conduct certain kinds of new hire training without the employee needing to set foot into your workplace. Add in digital signature solutions, and nearly every piece of new hire paperwork can be handled, too.

Ultimately, companies have to embrace a digital transformation for their hiring processes. By doing so, it’s possible to fill vacancies remotely, something that may be critical for the coming months.

Create a New Hire “Drive-Thru”

For aspects of the hiring process that need to occur in-person, consider creating a new hire “drive-thru.” Schedule the employees to come through on the same day for the event. With them remaining in their vehicles, they can advance through multiple stations, with each station handling a specific task.

You could use this approach for I-9 procedures, handing out work equipment (like laptops), and even performing drug screenings. Since the process keeps everyone socially distanced and masks, gloves, and other PPE can be a requirement, it is an option for managing in-person tasks while ensuring your teams are safe.

Connect with Other Companies

Many companies have had little choice but to layoff some personnel. By reaching out to local employers, you can find out which ones may not be able to welcome those employees back. Then, you can find out about those professionals.

In some ways, this creates a collaborative referral system among area companies. Each employer can help others find new homes for their laid-off workers. Not only can this be a great way to access talent, but it can also be a morale booster, as professionals know that these companies are going the extra mile to get them back to work.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

When you need skilled professionals quickly, partnering with a staffing firm is one of the best options available. Recruitment agencies are brimming with talent, including many job seekers who are ready to start immediately.

Additionally, staffing firms handle many screening tasks for you. Along with assessing a candidate’s skills, recruitment agencies conduct background checks, contact references, perform I-9 verifications, and more.

If you are in need of some top talent for your open jobs, the team at GSG Talent Solutions can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how partnering with a staffing firm can make navigating the current climate easier than ever before.


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