3 Reasons Why Austin, TX Is One of the Best Places to Work

Austin is in the midst of a surge. It’s increasingly becoming a tech mecca; attracting large, established companies and startups alike. However, it isn’t just the technology landscape that’s booming—the low operating costs mean businesses in nearly every sector call Austin home, creating exceptional opportunities for professionals in almost all fields.

Plus, Austin has a ton to offer outside of career-boosting jobs. If you are wondering why Austin is one of the best places to work (and live), here are three of the biggest reasons why the best and brightest are flocking to the area.

1) Job Prospects

Austin has been attracting leading companies for quite some time, particularly in the tech arena. The number of high-tech businesses coming into the region has even caused the Austin metro area to earn a new nickname – Silicon Hills – a nod to the original tech center, Silicon Valley, and Austin’s hilly terrain. Giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Oracle all have offices in the area, and many startups call downtown home.

However, while tech is quickly becoming a major part of Austin’s job economy, other sectors are also flourishing. Opportunities in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, hospitality, clean technology, digital media, financial services, space technology, and more are all available.

Plus, the unemployment rate in Austin remains fairly low. Even in a post-COVID-19 landscape, the Austin metro area’s unemployment rate sits at 5.1 percent (as of December 2020). While that’s higher than the pre-COVID numbers, it’s 1.6 percentage points below the national average at that time (6.7 percent), showing just how strong the local economy is in Austin.

2) Affordability

Along with stellar job prospects, professionals love Austin because of the city’s overall affordability. For a larger metro area, the cost of living is lower in Austin than in many other comparable regions, including Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City.

Overall, Austin’s cost of living score is 99.8, making it slightly below the national average, which is always set at 100. As a result, your pay goes further in Austin than it does in a lot of other major metropolitan areas.

3) Work-Life Balance

When you’re choosing a place to live and work, quality of life matters. Most professionals are striving for a better work-life balance, and Austin has a lot to offer in that arena.

Along with exceptional educational opportunities through local universities, Austin has a distinctive culture. There is plenty to support an outdoorsy lifestyle, including parks and quick river access, as well as hiking and biking trails.

Plus, Austin is known for its amazing arts and music scene, as well as a vibrant nightlife. There’s also a strong foodie culture, with delectable delights for nearly every palette.

Ultimately, Austin has a lot to offer professionals. Regardless of your field, there are likely opportunities available. Plus, affordability and a great quality of life mean you get more than just a job; you get a better work-life balance, too.

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