When to Promote Your Temp-to-Hire Employee

Temp-to-hire jobs can be exceptional opportunities for companies and professionals alike. From the business perspective, they give managers a chance to see what a candidate is like in action. Not only can they assess the professional’s skills, they can also examine culture fit, motivation, drive, and much more.

However, even with all of the benefits, it can be hard to gauge when to transition a temp-to-hire worker to a permanent employee. If you want to make sure you offer the promotion at the proper moment, here are some signs that the time is right.

They Continuously Exceed Expectations

Having high-quality, exceptionally-capable team members is always the goal of any hiring manager. If you secure a temp-to-hire talent that fits that bill, continuously exceeding expectations day in and day out, then promoting them into a permanent position is the right move.

By offering them a permanent spot, you are recognizing and rewarding all of their efforts. Not only will the gesture be appreciated, it also increases the odds that they’ll continue to work at that level long-term.

They Make a Definitive Effort to Engage with Your Company

One of the benefits of using a temp-to-hire arrangement is the ability to assess culture fit. If you bring in a temp-to-hire employee and they actively work to engage with and integrate into your company’s culture, that’s an excellent sign.

Not all temp professionals will make a definitive effort to get involved. Some may hope that they’ll mesh without effort, while others simply don’t have much of an interest in integrating. That’s why securing a top talent who wants to be more than just a part of a workforce but to become part of your company’s family is such a wise move.

They Keep Asking for More

Eagerness can go a long way when it comes to success. If a temp-to-hire worker is continuously looking for more opportunities to get involved, support their team, and learn useful skills, that’s a drive worth keeping on board.

Voracious learners and self-motivated employees can be surprisingly few and far between. If you happen to have a go-getter on your team, making them permanent ensures that energy will stick around today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

You Can’t Imagine Your Team Without Them

If the idea of losing the temp-to-hire team members leaves you shuddering at the thought, then it’s the right time for the promotion. At this point, you’ve got a fully integrated employee that’s providing you with clear value. Additionally, while most temp-to-hire workers will be patient for quite some time, if you drag your feet and keep them waiting, you risk losing them.

Whenever it occurs to you that your team wouldn’t be the same without the temp-to-hire worker, offer them a permanent spot. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing them to another opportunity.

Ultimately, promoting your temp-to-hire employee at any of the moments above is a smart move. If you’d like to find out more about how to cultivate an exceptional team using a temp-to-hire approach, the staff at GSG Talent Solutions can help. Contact us today.


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