How to Become a Tech Manufacturer

Asian male Industrial engineer in hard hat working with laptop in hand wearing safety jacket at heavy industry manufacturing factory

The world of tech manufacturing is an exciting one. Many industrial companies are introducing a slew of new technologies into their facilities, creating opportunities for career-minded professionals who want to work their way up into upper-level roles.

However, before worrying about advancing your career, you need to take your first steps into the field. If you’re interested in tech manufacturing positions, here’s how to get started down that path.

Start with Trade School or College

If you want to kick off a career in tech manufacturing, the easiest way to get started is by completing a vocational or trade school program or obtaining a college degree. You’ll receive direct instruction in critical areas by going that route, ensuring you have the right technical capabilities and knowledge base to work in the role.

Whether trade school or a college degree is the best choice may depend on the kind of tech manufacturing you’d like to pursue. If you’re interested in machining and other advanced manufacturing equipment operation, a trade school program will often do the trick.

If you’d prefer to design new production systems, create prototypes, evaluate existing processes for improvements, or handle similar tasks, a college degree could be a better fit. Typically, you’ll want to aim for a Bachelor’s in industrial or manufacturing engineering, though other majors could potentially work, as well.

Land an Entry-Level Position

Once you’ve completed your educational program, it’s time for an entry-level tech manufacturer job. That way, you can take your first steps into the field, allowing you to get on-the-job experience.

With an entry-level position, you’ll learn about the practical application of skills you acquired in school. Additionally, you’ll get to familiarize yourself with how an industrial workplace operates, giving you insights you didn’t have previously.

When it comes to choosing an entry-level job, focus on skill-building opportunities above all else. That way, you can hone your capabilities, making you eligible for higher-level positions moving forward.

If you focus on long-term positions, choose companies that support internal advancement and have a strong culture. You’ll get direct support that can assist with career growth, allowing you to move up when the time is right.

However, don’t overlook the potential of temp jobs. Short-term positions can be great ways to broaden your skill set, explore more local employers, and get a wider experience in the field. Then, when it’s time to secure a full-time position, you’ll have a better idea of what your ideal job looks like, as well as a broad skill set that makes you a stronger candidate.

Seize Learning Opportunities

While you’re in any tech manufacturer position, seize every learning opportunity that comes your way. Whether that’s formal on-the-job training, guidance from a colleague, or anything else, learning opportunities like those let you acquire new skills and boost your resume.

However, also spend time learning on your own. Research industry trends to gather information about emerging technologies. Engage with others in the field when the chance arises, allowing you to learn from their expertise.

By using the approach above, you can get your tech manufacturer career moving. If you’d like to find out more, the team at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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