How to Change Careers Without Going Back to School

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When you want to take your career in a new direction, common advice often makes it seem like heading back to school is essential. However, that isn’t necessarily the case.

There are other approaches that can help you hone the right skills and pivot into a new job, all without having to carve out time for more education. Here’s a look at how to change careers without going back to school.

Honestly Assess Your Skill Set

Before you can shift into a new career, you need to take an honest look at your skillset for two reasons. First, you’ll want to identify your transferable skills. By knowing which of your current capabilities align with the target role, you can figure out how to position your existing experience in an enticing way. Plus, it gives you insights regarding how well you match the job requirements.

Second, you need to determine if you have any critical skill gaps. Usually, this means figuring out if you’re missing any genuine must-have skills for the new role. That way, you know what you’ll need to acquire to qualify for your dream position.

Volunteer to Hone New Skills

Once you know what skills you need, you’ll want to find opportunities to acquire them. One excellent strategy is to start volunteering.

Many organizations can use an extra set of hands. By finding a volunteer role that aligns with the career you want to have, you may have a chance to hone the needed capabilities. Additionally, you’ll end up with relevant work experience, making it easier to shift into a new field or industry when the time comes.

Another benefit of this approach is that you can get started while keeping your current job in many cases. As a result, you can maintain a reliable source of income while you prepare to change careers.

Plus, you can build your network. You may get a chance to work with other volunteers who currently have careers in the field you’re targeting. This may make finding new opportunities later simpler.

Use Temporary Jobs to Transition

Once you have the right skills to shift into a new field, you may need to gather some relevant experience. If that’s the case, temporary jobs could be your best bet.

Many companies are less stringent when they’re filling temp positions, increasing the odds that they’re willing to take a chance on someone in the midst of a career change. Plus, they can help you hone critical skills while boosting your network.

With a temporary job, you’ll also get to try out a related role firsthand, making it easier to determine if the new field is genuinely a great fit. Plus, you can spend time in a position working for a local employer, allowing you to decide whether they might be the right kind of company for you in the end.

In some cases, temporary jobs can even turn into permanent positions. If you exceed expectations, you may get an offer that launches your new career, allowing you to complete your transition officially.

If you’re interested in changing careers without going back to school, the staff at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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