Job Search Tips for Accounting Professionals

Job Search Tips for Accounting Professionals

When it’s time to boost your account career, finding a new opportunity is a common approach. However, searching for positions is rarely easy. Whether you’re highly experienced with in-demand skills or a recent graduate that’s enthusiastically seeking their first position, it takes time and energy to find the right role.

Fortunately, by using the right approach, you can streamline the process. If you’re an account professional looking for a new position, here are some job search tips that can help.

Know Your Goals

A job search is most effective when it’s highly targeted. If you simply hop online and run searches using little more than “accounting” as a keyword, you’re going to get overwhelmed with results that aren’t great matches. That’s why understanding your goals is essential.

Spend time thinking about the direction of your career. Is there a specific accounting niche you want to focus on along the way? Do you want to work from home or at an office over the long term? Are there specific skills you want to use in a role, or are there capabilities you’d like to acquire on the job? What salary and benefits do you genuinely need, and which ones would you like if they were available?

When you know precisely what you’re after, you can target your search accordingly. This makes any results far better fits, allowing you to focus on openings with genuine potential.

Tap Your Network Strategically

Your network is often a potent tool when you need to find a new job. However, as an accounting professional, you need to approach this resource strategically. Discretion may be essential, particularly if you’re currently employed elsewhere. A bit of preparation might also be a must.

If you’re tapping your online network, spend time getting your profile in order first. That ensures it reflects well on you as a professional and features the latest information. Then, your connection can direct people toward your profile in regards to openings, simplifying some of the process.

Additionally, choose connections that will maintain your confidence. In some cases, word getting back to your manager that you’re looking for new opportunities can work against you, so ensure anyone you tap is comfortable keeping your search discreet.

Connect with a Recruiter

Finding a new account job often comes with challenges. If you’re currently employed, merely finding the time to search through openings, customize resumes, and take other steps is often difficult. For accounting professionals new to the field, finding the right career-launching opportunity fast isn’t easy without some know-how. In either case, that’s why working with a recruiter is wise.

When you connect with a recruitment firm, you get access to an array of exciting openings from a single source. Plus, you’ll get all of the support you need, including resume guidance, interview prep, and more.

If you’re an account professional seeking out new opportunities, the team at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us to see how our services can make searching for a job easier than ever before.


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