Job Search Tips for Data Entry Specialists

Job Search Tips for Data Entry Specialists

Data entry jobs are popular options, particularly for those just beginning their careers in office support or moving up in fields. However, finding a new data entry specialist position when it’s time to advance your career can be tricky. If you want to streamline the process, here are some job search tips that can help.

Watch Out for Scams

While there are plenty of legitimate data entry jobs, this is one career where scam job ads are also incredibly common. Even if you stick to reputable job boards, at least some of the results likely aren’t real opportunities. Since that’s the case, you need to know the signs of potential scams to keep yourself safe.

First, if a job looks too good to be true, it often isn’t legit. That can include uncharacteristically high pay, promising thousands of dollars for minimal amounts of work, or similar claims. Suspiciously few details about the role, a lack of reliable information about the employer, companies using free email addresses, asking you to reach out on WhatsApp or Telegram, or requesting personal details (like Social Security Numbers) incredibly early in the process are also bad signs. If a credit card number enters the conversations, that’s a red flag, too.

Prepare for Typing Tests

During the hiring process, you may be asked to take a typing test. Often, this is because companies want data entry specialists who can meet specific speed requirements while maintaining accuracy.

While you aren’t guaranteed to be asked to take a typing test, it’s best to prepare for one in case it’s part of the process. One easy way is to find free options online. However, you can also practice using other resources, such as by opening a spreadsheet on your home computer and recording information from a phone book (either online or paper copies).

Incorporate the Right Keywords

Having the right keywords in your resume and cover letter can work wonders when you’re trying to land a data entry specialist job. Along with discussing data entry specifically, make sure to include other terms hiring managers focus on when choosing candidates.

“Typing speed” is a common one for these roles, as well as “organization” and “attention to detail.” Technology-oriented keywords like “spreadsheets,” “databases,” and “analysis” may also have a place in your resume. The same goes for “time management,” “research,” and “data collection.”

See what skills are listed as must-have capabilities in the job ads and in the job descriptions. Often, those give you a strong place to start, ensuring your resume discusses every point that matters to the hiring manager.

Work with a Staffing Firm

Recruitment agencies are excellent resources during any job search. By partnering with a staffing firm, you’ll learn about openings in your area from a single resource. Plus, your recruiter can help you update your resume, get ready for tests, and prepare for upcoming interviews. If you need the experience to get started, staffing firms are a great way to find temporary jobs, allowing you to boost your resume before seeking something permanent.

If you’re ready to land your next data entry specialist role, the staff at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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