Staffing Tips for Hiring Managers

Staffing Tips for Hiring Managers

Today, many companies are struggling to secure all of the talent they need. Since that’s the case, hiring managers need solid plans to ensure they can reach their staffing goals.

Fortunately, getting headed in the right direction doesn’t have to be a challenge, even when the labor market is tight. Here are some staffing tips for hiring managers to get you started.

Have a Strong Employer Value Proposition

When it’s a candidate’s market, you can’t focus solely on your needs when hiring. Instead, showcasing a strong employer value proposition becomes increasingly essential, ensuring job seekers know precisely what your company has to offer them if they accept an offer.

Ideally, you want to feature details in your job ads that discuss pay, benefits packages, training opportunities, diversity commitments, and your overall culture. Also, highlight unique perks that help your company stand out from competitors, giving you a clear differentiator that could make it easier to attract top talent.

Look for Soft Skills and Culture Fit When Hiring

During the hiring process, it’s common to focus heavily on technical capabilities. However, if you want a genuine right-fit candidate, you need to dig deeper. Make sure to review the job seeker’s soft skills, particularly in areas like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork. Additionally, assess their personality and mindset to ensure they’ll mesh with your culture.

Soft skills and culture fit are often crucial to the success equation. Since that’s the case, give them proper attention when hiring, allowing you to find a candidate who has the highest chance of thriving with your company.

Develop Clear Internal Career Paths

In most cases, top-performing employees have career aspirations beyond their current role. Additionally, they often need healthy challenges to keep them engaged, particularly if they’ve largely mastered their current position.

If you want to boost retention, develop clear internal career paths that employees can follow to move up. Additionally, provide access to training, mentorship programs, or other opportunities that facilitate learning, allowing them to hone the skills they’ll need to keep moving forward.

Plan for Fluctuating Workforce Needs

Often, a company’s workforce needs fluctuate during the year. When peak season is on the horizon, the need to ramp up is common. After peak season ends, it’s normal to have to scale back your workforce, ensuring you don’t have more employees on board than you require.

If you’re doing all of your own hiring, the ebb and flow of your workforce needs can get hard to manage. Additionally, it can be surprisingly costly, as both hiring and layoffs often come with steep price tags.

That’s why having a plan for fluctuating workforce needs is essential. By partnering with a staffing firm, you can get the highly skilled temporary employees you need quickly and efficiently, all without some of the costs and risks that come with internal hiring.

Plus, you have the option to extend permanent job offers to temporary workers that genuinely shine. Then, they can become a part of your long-term workforce, ensuring it’s always brimming with exceptional employees.

If you’d like to learn more about how a staffing firm can assist with your hiring and workforce management needs, the team at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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