How to Recruit Warehouse Employees

How to Recruit Warehouse Employees

During the pandemic, the warehousing industry saw unprecedented growth, mainly because of the rise in e-commerce. As a result, it’s harder for companies operating in this niche to get the skilled warehouse employees they need. There’s simply far more competition for top talent, making it hard to stand out from other employers.

Fortunately, there are some ways to set your company apart and achieve your hiring goals. If you need to recruit warehouse employees, here’s what you need to know.

Tips and Tricks for Recruiting Warehouse Employees

First and foremost, the most important step you can take to recruit warehouse employees is offering competitive pay. Salary is always part of the equation in the eyes of candidates, so make sure you’re open about your salary ranges and keep them in line with or above what’s available through competitors. Round that out with solid benefits, especially health insurance, retirement, and other classic options.

After that, it’s time for differentiators. Develop clear pathways for internal progression and relevant training opportunities, allowing candidates to see how they can rise up through the ranks if they stay on board. It’s also wise to limit your must-have skills list to genuine essentials, as well as outline a typical day in the position in the job ad to help candidates see what the role entails.

Cultivate a strong employer value proposition and culture, showcasing the best of what your organization has to offer in vacancy announcements and during the hiring process. Consider launching an employee referral program, as well, and use rewards for successful hires to encourage participation.

Finally, partner with a reliable, professional staffing firm. By doing so, you have a hiring ally, making it easier to tap top talent quickly, ensuring you can reach and maintain full productivity throughout the year.

How GSG Can Make Recruiting Warehouse Employees Easier

When you need warehouse employees, having a reliable staffing service by your side makes a difference. At GSG Talent Solutions, we have a tried-and-true strategy that makes securing right-fit candidates quickly as easy as possible, as evidenced by our recent success with a leading international jewelry maker.

The local company was struggling to meet its staffing goals, even though it was working with several recruitment agencies and a vendor management provider. When GSG was brought on board, we began by touring the workplace to evaluate the environment, set meetings with team leaders to learn about the roles and company’s needs, and developed reliable candidate criteria.

Using our proprietary sourcing and selection process, we created a matrix that expedited the identification of right-fit candidates. After filling several orders, the company felt confident in its own hiring abilities. However, when the holiday season hit full swing, they reached back out in urgent need of assistance, as other staffing agencies weren’t suitably meeting their needs.

GSG was tasked with finding 150 qualified workers as soon as possible, a tall task for any provider. We used our process and partnered with a trusted sub-vendor and, within 72 hours, had all 150 spots filled, allowing the company to meet its productivity goals and turning GSG into one of their primary vendors moving forward.

If you’re looking for warehouse employees and want to experience the GSG difference first-hand, the team at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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