Jobs in Austin, TX for People with Disabilities

Jobs in Austin, TX for People with Disabilities

Many people with disabilities assume that their job prospects are incredibly limited. In reality, the world of work is surprisingly vast, creating more avenues and opportunities than most people would expect. Plus, with reasonable accommodations and the right tools, fewer options are unavailable to an individual with a disability than previously.

Ultimately, people with disabilities can work in practically any field with the proper education, training, and solutions by their side. However, for those who aren’t sure where to look, there are specific niches that may be worth considering first. Here are some jobs in Austin, TX, for people with disabilities.

Software Developer

In many cases, people with a wide arrange of disabilities can work as a software developer after acquiring the foundational education or training necessary to give them coding skills. As a software developer, your duties are almost entirely computer-based, and working from home may be an option, which can make it a solid choice for anyone with mobility-impacting conditions or individuals with lifting restrictions. Plus, there are plenty of accessibility tools to assist those with visual or hearing-related disabilities.

Another benefit of considering software development as you may be able to find alternatives to a traditional full-time schedule if that’s something you prefer. Smaller companies may have part-time or contract positions available, giving you more control over your career.

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Human Resources Professional

Generally speaking, a human resources job is mainly administrative, focusing heavily on documents and records. However, as a human resources professional, you’re also in the unique position to champion for meaningful change that can create a more inclusive environment, which could make the work more rewarding.

Additionally, by taking part in recruitment activities, you get to show others with disabilities who are seeking out opportunities that professional success is possible. Again, this can make the work more meaningful.

Truck Driver

For those with anxiety related to dealing with people, working as a truck driver could be the perfect option. The vast majority of your time is spent on the open road, which is usually handled alone. When you need to handle loading, unloading, or similar duties, your interaction with others is often limited to just one or two people at a time, and it’s usually a short duration.

You can reduce interaction further by focusing on long-haul positions over shorter runs. With those, you won’t be loading and unloading daily, allowing you to limit your time with others further.

Chef or Cook

If you appreciate something fast-paced and appreciate a job that’s part art, part science, working as a chef or cook could be a perfect option. It’s lightly physical, which may work well for anyone who prefers the ability to move around while at work. Plus, there’s some variation every day, which can keep the work engaging.

Ultimately, any of the jobs above – and so many more – can work well for individuals with disabilities. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities, the team at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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