Why Businesses Should Partner with Advocacy Groups for People with Disabilities

Why Businesses Should Partner with Advocacy Groups for People with Disabilities

Community involvement is a classic way for local employers to give back. While any efforts in that area are often worthwhile, choosing an approach that can also alleviate your recruitment challenges is a wise move.

By partnering with advocacy groups for people with disabilities, you aren’t just supporting your community; you’re expanding your access to talent. Here’s an in-depth look at why heading in that direction is a smart decision.

Expand Your Reach and Access More Talent

When you partner with advocacy groups for people with disabilities, you’re creating new networking opportunities that can help you access top talent. Many individuals with disabilities have strong professional skill sets, which can make them excellent additions to the workforce.

However, since many employers don’t work to connect professionals with disabilities directly, they’re often underutilized. As a result, partnering with advocacy groups doesn’t just open new doors for them; it allows you to access a lesser-tapped resource, making it easier to find talent.

Additionally, even professionals with disabilities who aren’t working with those advocacy groups may be more reachable. Typically, word of this kind of partnership spreads throughout the broader community. As a result, you may be able to network with candidates beyond your usual reach, leading to more recruitment improvements.

Support Your Community at a New Level

Partnering with advocacy groups for people with disabilities allows you to support underserved members of your community. This kind of community engagement is powerful, ensuring those who often struggle to get the support they need have access to more opportunities.

Plus, as an employer, you can work with these advocacy groups to make your positions more accessible. They’ll be able to offer guidance and support, allowing you to cultivate an inclusive culture and take steps to ensure new hires from all walks of life can thrive in your workplace.

Further, partnering with advocacy groups can enhance your visibility outside of the community they serve. Advocacy groups typically recognize their partners openly, telling those outside of the community that you’ve offered support. This can significantly boost your reputation, which may also help you access more talent.

Become an Employer of Choice

Today, diversity and inclusion are increasingly important to candidates. By partnering with advocacy groups for people with disabilities, you can position your company as an employer of choice. You’re going the extra mile to support a wider array of professionals, and that’s something all candidates will appreciate. Plus, it shows a broader talent pool that it’s welcome and valued at your organization, highlighting your inclusive, supportive culture.

Ultimately, partnering with advocacy groups for people with disabilities does make a difference. If you’d like a recruitment solution that aims to meet the needs of candidates from all walks of life, GSG Talent Solutions is an ideal option. Through our WorksWonders program, we support members of the community with disabilities, helping them access career-boosting job opportunities.

If you’re ready to experience the difference having the right recruitment partner can make, the staff at GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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