Ways to Protect Your Job During a Recession

Ways to Protect Your Job During a Recession

At this time, many economic experts believe that a recession in the upcoming year is inevitable. For professionals, that prospect is often daunting. Recessions and higher unemployment often go hand-in-hand, particularly as layoffs and hiring freezes become widespread. Additionally, wage stagnation, benefits reductions, and similar shifts in employer offerings have become more common.

While events like layoffs may be outside of an employee’s control, there are steps professionals can take to protect their jobs during recessions. Here are some tips to get you started.

Maintain a Positive, Driven Attitude

For many professionals, remaining positive during a recession is challenging. However, avoiding a pessimistic attitude and staying driven and focused can help you weather the storm.

When layoffs occur that don’t involve cutting entire teams, what influences a higher-up to keep some workers over others can come down to attitude. Employees that are diligent and pleasant to be around have a better chance of remaining in place than those plagued by negativity or who start phoning it in based on assumptions that they’re getting cut, even if the latter is slightly more skilled.

While staying outwardly cheerful and optimistic while maintaining your motivation is emotionally taxing, it ultimately makes a difference. As a result, strive to ensure any fear of the unknown doesn’t alter your performance or attitude at work, as that could be what helps you keep your job.

Continue Demonstrating Your Value

Another factor company leaders consider when determining who to cut is the value they bring to the table. While being excellent at your job is usually enough to make your value clear during more stable economic periods, you might need to adjust your approach if a recession occurs.

One way to begin is by being open to change. Companies may have to shift processes and priorities rapidly to offset challenges created by the recession. You’re enhancing your value if you can play a critical role in helping the organization get onto its new course.

Similarly, seeking out cost-reduction or profit-boosting opportunities on your own helps. If you can identify paths that increase efficiency, cut an expense, or bring in additional revenue, your value during difficult times rises.

Essentially, by remaining flexible and adaptable, you’ll provide more value than employees who resist the changes that come with a recession. Couple that with strategic recommendations that boost the bottom line, and you’re more likely to survive layoffs.

Support Your Manager

Recessions and layoffs are scary for employees, but they aren’t walks in the park for managers either. Many company leaders have tough decisions ahead, and they typically end up shouldering far more responsibilities as workforce reductions move forward.

You increase your odds of becoming indispensable by striving to support your manager directly. See if you can step up and reduce their workload, offer ideas (when appropriate) that can help them navigate challenging decisions, and exhibit empathy when they’re struggling. That can lead to a stronger relationship with your manager and may make them less likely to cut you if they have to reduce their team.

Ultimately, the steps above can help you protect your job during a recession. If you’d like to learn more about how to keep your career on target, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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