How Do I Hire More Truck Drivers?

How Do I Hire More Truck Drivers?

Many companies struggle to find the skilled, reliable truck drivers they need to operate efficiently and achieve peak productivity. Generally, this is because the truck driver labor market is tight, leading to increasingly fierce competition between employers to secure the best candidates available.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to attract more candidates and fill truck driver vacancies faster. If you need to hire more truck drivers, here are some tips that can help.

Update Your Job Postings

Today, having a compelling job posting is essential for attracting talent. If your ads focus primarily on your company’s needs, don’t feature a clear salary range, or speak to truck drivers’ needs, you’ll struggle to find applicants.

Keep updating your job postings to ensure they showcase a compelling employer value proposition. Highlight your salary ranges and benefits, discuss available perks, outline pathways for advancement, and put your company culture on display. Doing so makes it easier to differentiate your company from the competition, allowing you to position your organization as an employer of choice.

Advertise Openings in the Right Places

When companies need to find truck drivers, they might assume that turning to the same resources they use for other positions will work. However, truck drivers aren’t necessarily searching for jobs in the places you’d expect.

For example, while you might find an accounting candidate on LinkedIn relatively easily, truck drivers don’t use that platform as often. As a result, you’re potentially better off listing job openings on Facebook instead, which is more popular overall. Speak with your current drivers about the platforms they use regularly, and see if repositioning your efforts could yield better results.

Request Referrals from Your Current Drivers

Your current drivers are often an excellent resource when they need to find candidates. Truck drivers often make connections with each other, giving them solid networks. Plus, they know what it takes to meet expectations at your organization, so the referrals will likely be capable of doing the same.

If possible, incentivize referrals. By providing a reward after a referred new hire hits a specific threshold – such as three or six months on the job – you’re giving your drivers an additional reason to refer candidates, which can lead to better results.

Partner with a Recruitment Agency

In many cases, partnering with a recruitment agency is the most straightforward way to secure the candidates you need quickly and efficiently without sacrificing candidate quality. Your staffing provider will spend time learning your exact needs, including the details of the position, required licensing and endorsement, and your company’s culture. Then, they’ll use that information to identify right-fit candidates.

Recruitment agencies classically have large talent pools brimming with vetted professionals. Additionally, professional recruiters are adept at attracting new candidates for hard-to-fill roles, using various best practices and emerging trends to meet job seekers where they are and boost candidate engagement.

If you’re ready to experience the difference partnering with a recruitment agency makes, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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