First Shift Job Ideas

First Shift Job Ideas

Many people prefer first-shift jobs because they fit better in their lives. It allows them to work while children are at school or ensure their schedule aligns with family members and friends who also work during the day, making it easier to get together socially when everyone’s off.

Fortunately, first-shift positions are widely available and cover many careers. If you’re about to join the workforce or are looking for a chance, here are some first-shift jobs ideas worth considering.

Admin Assistant

Administrative assistants are in demand, making this an excellent option for anyone who prefers an office position. They assist with a variety of administrative duties, including everything from writing reports and creating presentations to making travel arrangements or helping customers and stakeholders.

Many entry-level admin assistant positions don’t require much – if any – prior experience. Often, if you’re a strong communicator, well organized, and comfortable with computers, you’re potentially qualified. Plus, ample opportunities exist to move up or acquire transferable skills, making these jobs great ways to build solid professional foundations.

Pharmacy Technician

If you enjoy engaging with the public and are highly detail-oriented, a position as a pharmacy technician is potentially a great fit. The hours are tied to the operating schedule of the pharmacy, the bulk of which are dayshift. While on duty, you spend time dispensing medication, checking out customers, assisting with inventory, and assisting the pharmacists.

In many cases, a college degree isn’t required, but you may need post-high school training to get licensed. However, some employers may offer pharmacy technician trainee positions, allowing you to use on-the-job training over an outside program.

Delivery or Local Driver

Many local driving positions have first-shift schedules, making them solid choices for anyone who prefers working during the day. The exact duties associated with the jobs can vary. Some drivers may deliver purchases to nearby residences or businesses. Others may move materials between two company facilities. Additionally, some may have loading and unloading duties, while others might not.

All driver positions do have driver’s license requirements, though the type of license needed can vary. For some, a basic driver’s license is enough, though others may require a CDL. Still, this is an excellent career option if you enjoy working during the day and like to drive.

Material Handler

Material handlers pull products or materials inside manufacturing or production facilities. Inventory responsibilities come with the role in many cases, and you may have a chance to operate specific machinery, like forklifts.

Usually, manufacturing and production companies have material handler positions on multiple shifts. As a result, it can work as a first-shift job, though you can also explore other schedules if your needs change.

Ultimately, all of the first-shift job ideas above are worth exploring. If you’d like to learn more about the options above or are searching for different opportunities, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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