5 Strategies to Make Finding a Job Easier

5 Strategies to Make Finding a Job Easier

More often than not, a job search is a challenging undertaking. You may submit dozens of resumes, attend numerous interviews, and still struggle to get results. Fortunately, by using the right strategies, you can make finding a job easier and far less stressful. If you want to simplify your next job search, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Harness the Power of Keywords

Today, digital transformation is the norm at many companies. In the world of recruitment, that usually involves using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage candidate applications and identify top talent. Part of that equation involves automated resume screening, and if you don’t know how to navigate that, you’ll often struggle to secure interviews.

Typically, the simplest way to increase your chances of job search success is to harness the power of keywords. An ATS is usually programmed to seek out specific words and phrases when it screens resumes, so including those terms in your application increases your odds of looking like a match.

In most cases, the keywords used by the ATS are the same in the job ad. Make sure to use the same spelling, phrasing, and punctuation when you discuss those capabilities in your resume, as that will boost your odds of success.

2. Tailor Your Resume to the Job

While sending out a resume with the right keywords helps you get past the ATS automated screening, you must also tailor all of the content to the specific job you’re hoping to land. Generic resumes don’t make you look like the strongest match to the hiring manager, so you want to emphasize skills, achievements, and education that specifically relate to the role you’re going after.

Plus, customization makes you seem enthusiastic about the specific opportunity. It shows the hiring manager that you took the time to perfect your resume, and they’ll interpret that as a strong interest in the job and their company.

3. Leverage Your Network

Your network is a potent tool when you’re searching for a new job. Along with learning about unadvertised job openings, it’s typically a path for securing a referral. There are benefits to both options.

Unadvertised vacancies usually come with less competition, as fewer candidates are aware of them. Referrals may help you get your resume directly in front of a hiring manager, and you might have a respected professional functioning as your champion. In either case, it can mean having an easier time separating yourself from the pack, which works in your favor.

4. Follow Up on Applications and Interviews

Ultimately, following up shows your enthusiasm for the opportunity and keeps you on the hiring manager’s radar. Plus, it creates an opportunity to showcase more about why you’re an excellent fit, making your value proposition more compelling.

Plan to follow up on applications about two weeks after submission or one week after the closing date. For interviews, send a thank you email within 24 hours. Then, follow up again either two weeks after the interview or a couple of business days after the stated decision date if one was provided.

5. Partner with an Experienced Recruiter in Austin, TX

Working with a recruiter is an effective way to streamline your job search. Plus, a recruiter may be the sole hiring resource for a company, allowing you to access opportunities you can’t reach any other way. Your recruiter will also offer support and guidance, ensuring you’re in the best position to impress the hiring manager.

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