How to Improve Manufacturing Employee Retention

How to Improve Manufacturing Employee Retention

Turnover in manufacturing is often highly problematic. It has a significant impact on productivity. Plus, being shorthanded can damage morale and increase the odds of burnout among remaining employees, which can lead to more retention issues.

Fortunately, turnover is something manufacturing companies can manage. Here are some tips on how to improve manufacturing employee retention.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Compensation typically plays a significant role when it comes to turnover. If employees feel like the pay and benefits they’re receiving aren’t suitable based on the amount of effort or expertise required of them, they won’t stick around.

Spend time researching average compensation rates for the various positions in your organization. Examine what’s available at local competitors and see if you’re meeting or beating what’s available elsewhere. If your compensation is falling short, then updating it to align with local norms is essential to ensure that employees don’t leave for a better deal elsewhere.

Create a Safe Workplace

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the lack of a safe workplace can lead to significant turnover. Employees who feel their jobs are unnecessarily dangerous aren’t likely to remain long-term. Similarly, if they’re concerned that their employer doesn’t take safety seriously, that may be enough to cause them to leave, even if safety-related incidents are statistically minimal.

Ideally, manufacturing companies must have clear policies and procedures to ensure safety. Additionally, implementing critical mechanisms that reduce risk is a must. Finally, make sure to show that safety is a definitive priority, as getting that message consistently – both through word and action – can give employees peace of mind.

Show Workers That They’re Valued

Recognition can have a significant impact on retention. Employees who feel undervalued or unseen aren’t as engaged or loyal. As a result, they’ll often be less productive and are more likely to leave when the opportunity arises.

In contrast, employees who feel appreciated are typically more dedicated to their performance and employer. Make sure managers make acknowledging the efforts of their team a habit. Implement a reward structure that gives employees something extra when they exceed expectations. That way, your best and brightest have a reason to stay, leading to better retention.

Provide a Sense of Balance

Work-life balance is important to all types of professionals, including manufacturing employees. While an occasional situation that makes mandatory overtime necessary isn’t problematic, constantly asking employees to work outside of their main schedule can lead to retention issues.

Similarly, unpredictable schedules disrupt any sense of balance. Whether that’s changing the days workers are scheduled to be on-site or altering their assigned shift, it makes it harder for them to manage their personal lives and will cause some employees to leave.

Minimize mandatory overtime whenever possible, particularly at the last minute. Work to make schedules consistent and predictable as well, ensuring employees can maintain a sense of normalcy at work and better manage their personal lives.

Ultimately, the tips above can help industrial companies improve manufacturing employee retention dramatically. If you’d like to learn more or find dependable candidates to fill your open manufacturing positions, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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