How to Know If a Company Values Diversity

How to Know If a Company Values Diversity

Many job seekers want to find a new employer that’s inclusive and values diversity. However, determining whether a company prioritizes and supports a diverse workforce isn’t always simple.

While much is revealed once you accept a position and begin working for the organization, it’s difficult to find out whether an employer genuinely values diversity during the hiring process. Fortunately, by using the right strategy, it’s something you can do. If you want to know if a company values diversity, here’s how you can figure it out.

Take a Close Look at the Job Description

The job description featured in a vacancy announcement often gives you plenty of insights about a company’s culture. If finding an employer that values diversity is a priority, look at the language used to outline the role. Companies that embrace inclusive practices avoid gendered terminology. Additionally, they stay away from culturally insensitive terms, such as “ninja” or “guru,” when describing their ideal candidate.

You can also learn a lot by exploring the benefits. If the ones described only appeal to specific lifestyles, diversity may not be a priority at their company. In turn, if they discuss benefits that meet the needs of a wide variety of people, the culture is usually more inclusive.

Explore the Company’s Website and Social Media Profiles

The company’s website and social media profiles are usually quite revealing if you examine the right areas. Check the company’s mission and values statements to see if inclusivity and diversity are priorities. Look for images of employees to see if they represent a wide array of people, and look for mentions of resource groups that support various groups.

It’s also wise to look for press releases or posts about volunteering, giving back, or celebrating various events. For example, messages about Pride Month in June could indicate an inclusive culture. Similarly, supporting charitable causes associated with diverse populations is a potential positive sign.

Ask the Hiring Manager During Your Interview

If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll usually get a chance to ask the hiring manager questions before the meeting ends. You can use that time to learn more about the company’s culture, including whether it supports diversity and inclusion.

Simple questions like, “How does the company support and promote diversity and inclusion?” can work incredibly well. Asking about company-provided diversity and inclusion training is another option, as well as seeing if the hiring manager can describe any available resource groups that are part of the workplace.

Connect with a Staffing Firm That Values Diversity

Working with a recruiter can significantly streamline your job search. By choosing a staffing firm that prioritizes diversity, you may have an easier time finding opportunities with employers who feel diversity and inclusion are essential.

At GSG Talent Solutions, we understand the importance of supporting professionals from various backgrounds. That’s why we see diversity as a critical value and participate in programs designed to assist candidates with unique needs.

Through the GSG WorksWonders Program, we make employment opportunities more accessible to job seekers with disabilities and chronic health conditions. If you’d like to see if the GSG WorksWonders Program can help you find suitable opportunities with leading employers or seek career-boosting positions, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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