Essential on-the-Job Skills That Your Workforce Should Have

The COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on the world. The effects are likely to be long-lasting— thus, fundamentally altering how many businesses operate now and well into the future.

As a result, companies need to consider how these shifts may make certain skills increasingly necessary. Without the right capabilities and traits, your workforce may not be equipped to continue navigating the times, not to mention the circumstances that may last for the next few years, if not longer.

If you want to make sure your workforce is not only up to the challenge, but capable of thriving during challenging periods— here are the skills they need to possess.


Rigidity is often a hindrance in the workplace. However, when COVID-19 made rapid change a necessity, it became even more detrimental, holding companies back during what was already a difficult time.

In contrast, adaptable workforces rolled with the punches. They were inherently open to embracing changes to ensure the success of the company, even if they weren’t always the easiest to navigate. That allowed full productivity to be reached more quickly, something that was abundantly crucial.


Major paradigm changes make strong leadership immeasurably important. While managers are often the ones who have to step up when issues arise, cultivating leadership skills across your workforce is a smart move, as well. It ensures that anyone who needs to step up can, enabling them to offer guidance and support based on their expertise.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Many professionals found themselves dealing with unfamiliar technologies and processes once they began working from home. Those who were committed to lifelong learning embraced the scenario as an opportunity, striving to better themselves to ensure their success.

Plus, a commitment to lifelong learning often extends further. These are the kinds of professionals who remain abreast of new developments, explore emerging technologies, and support innovation. Together, that makes a workforce increasingly agile and capable, both of which play in an employer’s favor.


In many industries, a remote-first approach is going to be the standard for some months, if not years. Companies will have to rely on the technologies that make that arrangement possible. As a result, digitally-oriented, coding, and similar skills will be critical for long-term success.


Even non-technical employees need some level of technology awareness in today’s climate. By cultivating a tech-savvy workforce, you can ensure that your teams can make use of the solutions they have available and adjust to new systems should they be necessary.

Ultimately, what the future will look like is unknown. However, the skills listed above can make it easier for any employer to navigate the unexpected, allowing them to handle the challenges of tomorrow with greater ease.

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