Job Hunting 101: Applying to a Job

Job hunting is a process. Often, navigating the nuances of the experience is challenging. This is particularly true when considering that each step requires its own skills and the right preparation. Luckily, by getting to know the basics of job hunting, you can ensure you approach everything correctly.

In many cases, applying to a job is one of the most exciting steps. It’s brimming with hope and potential, allowing job seekers to envision a possible future.

However, it is also one of the more complicated steps. Simply submitting a resume isn’t enough if you want to catch a hiring manager’s eye. If you’re going to stand out from the crowd, here’s what you need to do when applying to a job opening.

Be Realistic

While stretching a bit when you’re applying to jobs is alright, you do need to make sure that you’re reasonably qualified for the position. Otherwise, you’re spending time on a resume that is practically guaranteed to get discarded, which is essentially a waste.

Typically, you don’t need 100 percent of the must-haves to potentially be qualified. Depending on the role, 60 to 80 percent of the must-haves may be sufficient, suggesting that you could otherwise handle the job successfully.

However, if you have less than that, or are missing a critical skill and would be incapable of performing in the role on any level without additional training, it isn’t a good match. You’re better off continuing your search, allowing you to find opportunities that are a stronger fit.

Do Your Research

Once you find a potential role, don’t apply right away. Instead, do a little research on the company before you submit a resume.

By looking at the company’s products or services, reviewing its mission and values statements, skimming its social media pages, and reading recent news, you can accomplish several things. First, you can determine if they are actually the right employer for you. Second, you can gather insights about the company’s priorities and preferences, allowing you to speak to them specifically in your resume.

Tailor Your Resume

Every time you apply to a job, you need to spend a little time tailoring your resume. Ideally, your application needs to focus on the must-have skills and priorities listed in that specific job ad, ensuring you are showcasing yourself as an obvious fit.

Usually, this simply involves a little tweaking. For example, you may need to incorporate different keywords, update your professional summary, or re-order your accomplishments to ensure the right ones stand out. While the adjustments can seem small, they can increase your odds of success dramatically.

Apply Efficiently

In some cases, a single resume can actually make you eligible for more than one opportunity. For example, when you apply at a staffing agency, you aren’t just applying for one position but any role that firm is trying to fill. That makes the approach incredibly efficient, particularly for busy job seekers.

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