Learn from 2020 and Make Sure Your Business is Always Prepared!

COVID-19 fundamentally altered daily life, both from a personal and business perspective. Many companies were caught off-guard. They simply didn’t have the mechanisms in place to navigate such an unexpected situation, leaving them overwhelmed, scattered, and scrambling.

The biggest lesson from 2020 is that all businesses need to be prepared for seemingly unlikely scenarios. By being proactive, it’s possible to adapt with greater ease, ensuring better business continuity even under dire circumstances.

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips that can help ensure that your business is always prepared for the unexpected.

Embrace Remote Work Technology

Having the ability to send office workers home without having to sacrifice productivity can make a significant difference. With the right remote work technologies, your teams can continue to access critical resources and complete crucial tasks, even if they can’t physically report to the office.

Every company will have unique remote work technology needs. For some, it may involve moving critical resources and applications to the cloud, as well as have robust collaboration software. Others may also need project management solutions.

However, everyone should invest in cybersecurity. With the right combination of solutions, you keep your assets safe while allowing authorized employees to access what they need. In many cases, this includes antivirus software, firewalls, and VPN connections, as well as safeguards like two-factor authentication.

Have Contingency Plans

The pandemic has been an unsteady experience. Many states and cities experienced waves and, during down periods, were allowed to reopen, at least to a degree. However, when spikes began again, some areas saw reopening efforts stop or complete reversions to previous restrictions.

Since fluctuations are the name of the game, it’s wise to have contingency operational plans in place that address the scenarios that may emerge. This includes strategies for how to roll out a reopening, as well as what you need to do if new restrictions are put in place locally.

Figure out who will be reporting to the physical workplace and when. Determine how remote work technologies will be provided, along with when certain employees will or won’t be working from home. That way, you can roll with any changes that come your way.

Go the Extra Mile for Safety

If the pandemic highlighted anything, it’s the need for greater safety standards. Regular cleanings can make a difference in combating outbreaks, as well as supporting social distancing and allowing employees to work remotely when possible.

However, many companies may question whether these measures are needed long-term, particularly if the pandemic subsides. In reality, going the extra mile for safety will never be a bad move, even if things return to a relative normal.

By focusing on safety beyond the pandemic, you are keeping your workforce safer if such an event were to happen again. That can be critical, both when it comes to the health of your teams and for business continuity.

Ultimately, COVID-19 has taught everyone a variety of lessons. Make sure to embrace them, allowing your company to be ready for the unexpected today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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