How to Plan a Virtual Holiday Party

Photo of a laptop with lit tree in the background and a Zoom meeting of 4 other people wearing Santa hats and other festive wear.

During December, many companies throw holiday parties. However, with COVID-19 still being a concern and many employees working remotely, it may seem like a celebration isn’t in the cards.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can plan a virtual holiday party that’s fun and engaging, giving everyone a much-needed morale boost during these strenuous times. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips for hosting an outstanding virtual holiday party.

Have the Event During Work Hours

While an after-hours party may have worked pre-COVID-19, it isn’t ideal today. With so many people working from home, asking that they give up personal time for a Zoom call isn’t reasonable. It places a burden on the rest of their household and may be hard for some employees to shoulder.

Instead, host the party during work hours. That way, your team can take part without having to adjust their personal life to make it happen.

Have a Plan for the Event

In many cases, in-person holiday parties can be a bit free form. Employees can mingle and socialize with ease, allowing them to spend their time with others in an organic way.

When you’re hosting a virtual holiday party, the event is much more like a presentation. Even if everyone’s participating, employees can’t shuttle off to a quiet corner for a chat; they are always able to hear one another.

As a result, it’s critical to have a plan in place. This includes when any speeches occur as well as how various activities will unfold.

Pick a Group Activity

Yes, it’s possible to have a group activity even if people aren’t in the same space. For example, you can send everyone the same craft kit and let everyone create their item at the same time. There are also online versions of games like Pictionary that can be fun to do with colleagues. You can even do karaoke remotely if that’s a company tradition.

Spend a little time researching your options. Then, choose an activity that everyone can enjoy together.

Handle the Food

Usually, companies provide at least some of the food and drinks for holiday parties. This isn’t a tradition you should overlook. While everyone can’t gather for a catered meal, you can send your team gift cards to local restaurants that offer delivery. That way, they can have a nice treat without having to worry about their personal budget.

Try an Online Entertainer

Many entertainers went virtual due to the pandemic. That means you can hire a magician, comedian, singer, or another kind of performer for your party. They’ll join your call and put on a show. Plus, many of them can help you organize this part of the event, ensuring it exceeds your expectations.

Ultimately, a virtual holiday party can take a bit of planning. But if you do it right, it can work wonders for employee morale and your company’s culture. If you’d like to learn more about how you can showcase your appreciation this holiday season, the team at GSG Talent Solutions can help. Contact us today.


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