Now Is the Perfect Time for a Career Change

Due to COVID-19, many professionals began seeing their careers in a new light. Industries that were once thought to be incredibly stable were suddenly in upheaval. In some cases, employees found themselves suddenly without work. In others, professionals became acutely aware of the shortcomings of their employer or struggles in their field, leaving them disenchanted.

Overall, this has led many professionals to reevaluate their careers, ultimately deciding that heading in a different direction is their best bet. Luckily, circumstances have made now an excellent time for a career change. If you are wondering why, here’s what you need to know.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Career Change

In many ways, now being the perfect time to switch careers seems counterintuitive. After all, unemployment is still higher in many areas than it was pre-pandemic, leaving many candidates assuming they would face stiff competition from job seekers with recent experience in their target field.

In reality, the pandemic led to a significant shift in how professionals view their employment. What at times is being touted as a labor shortage is actually a shift in interest, with many professionals viewing this moment as a chance to adjust their career trajectory to better align with their new needs and priorities.

Since the country continues to reopen, companies are increasingly seeking out candidates to fill vacant positions. With many feeling the pinch of an unexpected short supply, they are broadening their view on what a “qualified” job seeker looks like, leading them to be more open about unconventional candidates.

As a result, candidates who are changing careers may have an easier time shifting into a new role. Companies are increasingly open-minded about where job seekers acquire their experience. Additionally, they are factoring in passion for the field and drive more often, allowing enthusiastic candidates with unique backgrounds to have a stronger chance of making a transition.

Plus, employers are going out of their way to connect with these non-traditional candidates. Some are offering on-the-job training to help professionals with potential to acquire the right skills for various roles. Others are actively introducing job seekers to new opportunities they feel may be a good match, actively recruiting candidates who have the ability to thrive in a position they might not otherwise have considered.

Preparing for a Career Change

If you want to take advantage of the current climate, it’s wise to actively prepare for your career change. Update your resume and cover letter to highlight your transferable skills and enthusiasm for the role. Consider how your past achievements showcase your relevant technical abilities and soft skills, allowing you to discuss them when answering interview questions.

While COVID-19 has created a lot of career hardship, it is also leading to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to change gears. Since companies are increasingly open to welcoming candidates with non-traditional backgrounds, shifting into a new field is simpler than it’s been in quite some time.

If you’re ready to take your career in a new direction, don’t delay. By submitting your application now, you can remain ahead of the competition, increasing your odds of landing your ideal role in your new field.

If you’d like help from job search experts, the team at GSG Talent Solutions can simplify your transition into a new career. Contact us to learn more about our services and open positions today.


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