How to Attract More Job Applicants

Due to the widespread unemployment created by the pandemic, many companies initially assumed that finding qualified applicants would be simpler for a time. In reality, that hasn’t been the case. COVID-19 prompted many professionals to reevaluate their careers, causing many to bypass opportunities they would have previously seized.

As an employer, finding new ways to attract talent is now more crucial than ever. Competition for the best and brightest is fierce, particularly as an increasing number of companies ramp up operations as they reopen.

Luckily, there are things you can do to stand out as an employer. If you need to attract more job applicants, here are some tips that can help.

Expand Your Reach

If you previously relied on only a few sources to connect with candidates, expanding your reach should be your first move. Heading to social media, niche job boards, and online industry forums can help you connect with more job seekers than you are currently.

Similarly, working with professional organizations, including those that focus on individual fields or that support specific demographics, can yield dividends. The same can go for connecting with area high schools and colleges, especially if you need to fill entry-level roles.

In the end, diversifying where you advertise your vacancies can help you tap into new talent pools. Consider where your ideal applicants may be seeking out information about opportunities, and then head there.

Limit Your Must-Haves

In many cases, if a job seeker doesn’t have most – if not all – of your must-have skills or experience, they will screen themselves out of the opportunity even if they could reasonably excel in the position. As a result, you never have a chance to consider these candidates, as they don’t send in applications.

If you want to access more talent, only include skills on your must-have list that a candidate genuinely needs on day one. If you’re willing to train in a particular area, either put it on the nice-to-have list or omit it from the requirements entirely. That way, more job seekers will view themselves as qualified, increasing the odds that they’ll apply.

Highlight Your Culture

Company culture has been a talking point among professionals for some time, including in the post-pandemic landscape. Candidates understand the role culture plays in job satisfaction, as well as how it can dictate a company’s response to the unexpected.

When your goal is to attract more job applicants, put information about your culture front and center. Showcase your mission and values, as well as the work you do to align your actions with them. Highlight why employees view you as an employer of choice, particularly what separates you from the competition, ensuring you’ll be more enticing to candidates.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

When you need to access top talent quickly, partnering with a staffing agency is an excellent option. Recruitment firms maintain robust candidate pools brimming with pre-vetted professionals, including a mix of active and passive job seekers who are looking for the perfect opportunity.

Plus, staffing agencies prioritize the candidate experience. By partnering with one, you can boost your employer brand, ensuring that all job seekers feel welcome and valued.

If you need to attract more job applicants, the team at GSG Talent Solutions can help. Contact us today.


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