How a New Job Can Help Felons Avoid Recidivism

How a New Job Can Help Felons Avoid Recidivism

One of the biggest challenges felons face after prison is finding meaningful job opportunities. Often, there are significant obstacles that lie before them. This is partially based on the fact that some employers automatically disqualify felons from employment, regardless of the conviction’s nature or how long it occurred. However, even if an employer doesn’t prevent the hiring of felons, many with convictions encounter bias during the hiring process, limiting their access to positions.

The issue is that limited access to job opportunities can lead to recidivism. When a person continuously struggles to find gainful employment after a felony conviction, they may not reintegrate into society as effectively. In turn, they may believe that their options for supporting themselves are highly limited.

In contrast, a meaningful new job could help felons avoid recidivism. Here’s a look at how the right opportunities can make a difference.

How a New Job Can Help Felons Avoid Recidivism

A new job can help felons avoid recidivism for several reasons. First, it provides them with a reliable source of income post-prison. That leads to a sense of security, giving them access to a lifestyle that isn’t available without reliable employment.

Second, a workplace can create a sense of community. When colleagues offer respect, kindness, and appreciation, it can improve a felon’s outlook on the world. This mental shift can lead to additional positives, making them feel supported and valued at work and as part of the broader society. Plus, it creates opportunities for new social connections, which could ease reintegration.

A new job can also bring about a sense of accomplishment. Many roles require skill development over time. As the felon acquires new capabilities, it can lead to a feeling of satisfaction and pride. In time, morale and self-esteem tend to rise.

Taken together, this can all reduce a felon’s odds of reoffending. They can meet their financial needs, which makes a significant difference. Plus, the bonds they form with colleagues lead to additional support. Couple that with a sense of achievement, and the idea of throwing that away makes reoffending less and less appealing.

How GSG Talent Solutions Can Help

Often, felons experience difficulties when looking for employment. Additionally, many employers have misconceptions about what hiring a felon can mean, often assuming that the risk is greater than it may be in reality. The team at GSG Talent Solutions aims to bridge the gap, ensuring felons have access to opportunities and employers remain appropriately open-minded and supportive of those looking to improve their position post-prison.

At GSG Talent Solutions, we have programs designed to help felons find job opportunities that can help them achieve critical goals and maintain stability. Our services include a variety of career development resources, as well as assisting with overcoming employment obstacles by connecting candidates with the right local employers.

Additionally, our team ensures that area employers understand the value of hiring felons, as many have plenty to offer. If you’d like to learn more about your recidivism-fighting employment services or our comprehensive hiring solutions, GSG Talent Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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