Ronda’s Story

In just 2 years, things got bad for Ronda, then they got worse, much worse. Ronda lost her home first, then her car, next she lost her job, then her storage unit, and she even lost her beloved dog, unable to keep it with nowhere to go. After that she was devastated by the death of her Auntie, with whom she was very close. With no one to turn to in Austin, she moved out of state to stay with her cousins. However, Ronda yearned to return to the city she loved & moved back to Austin in 2018. This too proved challenging as she did not have stable housing, crashing with family whenever she could. Then she heard about REDF Partner agency, GSG Talent Solutions (GSG). 

Upon her return to Austin, Ronda came into GSG Talent Solutions to find a temporary job. Her positive attitude & will to work were evident from the moment she met with a GSG Recruiter. Within 3 days she was given an opportunity to work at the esteemed JW Marriott in Downtown Austin. Ronda started saving money every week, and in 2 months she both moved in to a place of her own & was hired as a permanent employee of the JW Marriott. She went on to receive the JW’s Best Employee Award for February 2019. 

Ronda describes her experience: 

Working at JW has shown me what means to be appreciated by a company. It taught me if you go in everyday & do your job right, someone will always notice. I have learned to always do a job correctly, regardless of what it is. JW taught me that taking initiative pays off & will lead to better opportunities in the future…. When you hit rock bottom you are desperate for any opportunity. However, once you get an opportunity & the door begins to open for you, you must strive for more. When you realize that you are grateful for the little things, you will be able to handle everything that is put on your plate. 

Ronda’s story is illustrative of the power that emerges when resilience meets opportunity. Her positive attitude not swayed but strengthened by the struggles she endured. When given an opportunity to work, Ronda was empowered to transform her life. 


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