Marshelle’s Story

Marshelle was introduced to drugs, alcohol, & abuse as a young child, which ultimately resulted in a criminal background, making it difficult to find a job even years later. Now she has 11 years sober & lives a life she is proud of. REDF partner, GSG Talent Solutions, empowered Marshelle to change her life by giving her the opportunity to work as a temporary employee at the Austin Convention Center. Today she is a permanent City of Austin employee and is proud of the life she leads & of the work she does.

Marshelle describes her journey,

“My life changed for the better when I was hired by GSG Talent Solutions to work for the City of Austin. When I got here all doors opened for me. I can take free Career Advancement classes to keep up with the times, see a therapist, & receive financial assistance. This is the first full-time job in my life. I love my job. With the help of my family & support services provided by the Retention Program, I am able to maintain my job.”

Today Marshelle says she is grateful to have made it here. Without the services she received she is not sure where she would be today. Marshelle says, “I thank God for Goodwill because it put me on the track that I was always destined for.”


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