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In preparation for the busy season of a large international jewelry maker, GSG was brought on board as a backup staffing agency to help fill gaps in their existing staffing process. At the time, this company was utilizing at least nine different staffing agencies in addition to a vendor management company to provide them with the personnel they needed to process and fulfill online orders. Looking to improve their talent pool and deliver on their company goals, the company found themselves needing as many as 300-400 employees each day.


In keeping with our tried-and-true practice of touring the workspace and ensuring that it met our safety standards, we set up meetings with each team leader to gain perspective on their roles and responsibilities, team structuring, and ideal candidate criteria. We used our proprietary sourcing and selection process to create a matrix that identified the best candidates for their roles and began sourcing. The staffing orders came in and we successfully filled their needs with quality candidates. Expecting to aid their staffing needs through the busy holiday season, we received notice in September that they were confident in their system, and that they likely would not have a need for our services going forward. On Black Friday, we received both a call and an email informing us that they were in urgent need of our help. The existing agencies were not able to deliver the quantity of people that they needed, rendering the company unable to fulfill their holiday orders. We were asked to deliver 150 people ASAP. Even for us, that was a heavy lift on such short notice, so we partnered with a sub-vendor and together—within 72 hours—we had 150 people on-site.


The customer was able to deliver on all their orders and keep pace with the output needed to provide outstanding customer service to their online shoppers during peak season. By helping them in their time of need, we proved our worth to the customer, and they kept GSG on for the duration of the holiday season. Due to our creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking, we are now one of the primary vendors for the growing company.


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