Material Aggregator


In 2015, we received a referral to a concrete aggregate company seeking quality CDL drivers. Our new customer was facing a significant shortage of drivers coupled with high turnover rates, and they were interested in shifting to a more inclusive hiring model as a second-chance employer. They turned to us for help in building the case for an internal policy change, in addition to fulfilling their need for qualified professionals after implementing the change.


This challenge provided an opportunity for the employer to access newly-certified trainees of the Goodwill Workforce Advancement CDL Training Program. We had a pipeline of trusted driving candidates on-hand that were ready to work. To ensure their success in their new roles, we also provided one-on-one guidance and support services through counseling, transportation assistance, work clothing, tools, and safety equipment, and access to emergency funds for housing or life stability. By lifting the weight of those distractions off their shoulders, our candidates were able to maximize their productivity and focus on their careers.


The candidates we sent were proving to be successful in their roles, and the turnover carousel began to come to a halt. These tangible measurements were certainly rewarding, but the real satisfaction came from empowering people through new jobs and watching them thrive in their careers by moving up to positions making $25 an hour—in only a few short years. By setting expectations with leadership, aiding in the implementation of a lasting policy change, and providing candidate support, we were able to maximize their success.


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