How to Advertise Job Openings

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When you need to fill a position, advertising the job opening in the correct places is essential. Otherwise, you may not connect with the right candidates, making it hard to find the top talent you need in the role.

While a variety of approaches can potentially work, some strategies are more effective in specific situations. If you’re trying to decide how to advertise job openings, here are some places to begin.

Company Career Page

In nearly all cases, adding the job opening to your company career page is a wise decision. Candidates that are interested in your organization specifically may head their first when they launch a job search.

Plus, with this approach, you get complete control over the process and can integrate the application with your applicant tracking system (ATS). Along with simplifying resume reviews and candidate management, it could allow you to automate the initial screening with greater ease, making it easier for you to focus purely on the top contenders.

Social Media

Social media is a potent recruitment tool. Many professionals who are interested in you as an employer likely connect with your company on at least one platform.

Plus, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to advertise the opening to specific markets. Couple that with options like LinkedIn and Facebook application submission features, and you’re streamlining the hiring process for candidates and yourself alike.

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Job Boards

While alternatives like social media certainly have traction, that doesn’t mean job boards aren’t still a part of many candidates’ job search efforts. However, if you need a specific type of talent, you may be better off using niche job boards over the bigger players in this arena.

By turning to a site that specializes in a specific industry or skill area, you may be able to find stronger matches with greater ease. Your job ad won’t get lost in the plethora of openings larger job boards support. Plus, you may encounter fewer spam or scam resumes, which is a bonus.

Staffing Firms

When you need to hire a highly-skilled professional quickly, partnering with a staffing firm is often your best bet. Recruitment agencies maintain candidate pools brimming with talent, allowing them to start recommending job seekers right away.

Plus, most of the candidates are pre-vetted. Along with background checks and reference checks, many staffing firms validate skillsets and experience. They also get to know the candidates, making it easier for them to ensure that they’ll mesh with your culture, too.

Staffing firms also excel when it comes to candidate engagement. As a result, professionals may be more likely to consider your opening when it’s presented by a recruiter they already know and trust.

Finally, staffing firms give you hiring options. Along with direct placements, you can explore popular alternatives like temp-to-hire. With that, you can conduct the equivalent of working interviews, allowing you to determine if a candidate is genuinely a great fit before extending a permanent offer.

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